Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs are Helical Springs used to apply a Torque or store Rotational Energy. The common example of Torsion Spring is that used in a Clothes Pin.

Torsion Springs are most commonly mounted on a Shaft / Mandrel, as they must be supported at Three or more points. The End configurations (legs) of Torsion Springs are numerous and are entirely dependent on the needed application. Legs can be Straight, Angled, Hooked or many other shapes as required to secure the ends during rotation.

Torsion Springs can be designed to operate in either Clockwise or Anticlockwise direction but whenever possible they should be designed so that the Body Diameter decreases when a load is applied to the spring.

The Double-Bodied Torsion Spring is a Single Spring but consists of Two Sets of coils, one set coiled Right Hand and one set coiled Left Hand. The Two Sets of coils will be connected each other, usually with an unwound section between the coils and work in parallel.

The body coils of a Torsion Spring are usually close wound but can incorporate a pitch (spacing between the coils) if needed to reduce frictional losses.

Applications : Torsion Springs are used in Clothes Pins, Clipboards, Garage Doors, Hinges, etc.