Extension Springs

Coil Spring

Compression Springs are Helical Springs with an Open-Coil configuration designed to store energy or to resist a force applied. The most common form of Compression Spring is Straight Cylindrical Coil Spring with the ends Squared (Closed), and a common example for same is Ball Point Pen Spring.

Compression Springs are also manufactured in Conical, Barrel or Hourglass configurations. These forms of Compression Springs allows reduced Solid Height. Compression Springs are commonly wound with uniform spacing between the coils, however, variable coil spacing can be used to achieve improved performance against buckling and surging. A Compression Spring with variable Pitch assures a range of frequency response as opposed to the single significant frequency in a compression spring with constant pitch.

Compression Springs are often installed to operate over a rod or inside a hole. These installations help reduce buckling of the spring body.

Applications : Compression Springs used in Automotive Engines, Large Stamping Presses to major appliances, Cell Phones, etc.