Coil Springs

Coil Spring

Usually Coil Spring comes in Various Types, but the Three Common Types of Coil Springs are Compression Springs, Extension Springs and Torsion Springs. Coil Springs are designed to satisfy Four Operating requirements i.e. Energy, Space, Environment and Service.

Energy : All of the above Four Operating requirements Energy is considered on Priority in Coil Spring Design because a Spring is defined as a Device for Storing Energy and Energy is function of Load and Travel (Deflection), thus the Energy of Coil Springs can be specified as follows :
• Two Loads at Two Lengths.
• Rate and a Load at a Length.
• Free Load and a Load at a Length.

Space : Space is defined as the operating envelope, the area in which Coil Springs will be used. In case of a Compression Spring, this may be the hole into which the Spring fits, the rod over which it operates.

Environment : Environmental factors include Heat, Cold and Corrosion. Select a material to suit the environment in which the Coil Springs operate and automatically choose a modulus of rigidity and material strength.

Service : Finally, the intended Service of Coil Springs helps to decide how much of material strength should be use. Whether Coil Springs require Service i.e. Static or Dynamic?, Is the range of Stress is large or Small? These questions helps us to decide the ultimate strength to be used for Coil Springs.

The Combination of above Four Operating requirements gives us a World Class Quality Product.